Christmas is a magical time of year where everything seems like pure magic. We invite you to stay at our family hotel in Arlon and enjoy that all this city has to offer during the holidays. The town of Arlon has a unique charm to it that cannot be found in any other town in Belgium.

Arlon Christmas Market

This annual Christmas Market keeps the spirit of Christmas alive with a wide array of activities and sights to see. Each year the activities may vary but they are all based around the same type of events.

First off, usually, there is a Santa Claus present so if you have kids or if you still believe in Santa, a visit to him is a must. This is a tradition that kids in Belgium have been following for a long time so don’t miss out.

Secondly, this is the perfect place to look for that perfect gift for someone if you are less than inspired on what to get them. You will find lots of gift ideas which include hand-made jewelry, fashion accessories and tons of different crafts.

Thirdly, you will have a chance to get a taste of all the delicious food and beers from around Belgium. Some of the most popular that you must try are the spicy-sweet speculoos, traditional cookies and waffles, and chocolates. You have a taste of these products on the spot or grab some to take away and enjoy back at our 4* hotel in Arlon.

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Try out the skating rink

In some editions, the Christmas market features an ice skating rink that has a typical Christmas atmosphere. Test out or show off your skills and just have fun. No worries if you are a first-time skater and want to try skating. There is an option to go around with a chair so that you can be on the ice, finish your rounds, and have a good time.


There is no proper Christmas without Christmas music. For this reason, while staying at our hotel restaurant in Arlon be sure to check out the many concerts around the city. Whether you’re a lover of the traditional Christmas music or the more new age stuff, there is a concert that suits your taste.

Additional Activities

Visit the Areler Knippchen which is the highest point of the town and be spellbound by the wonderful display of the Christmas lights below. If you’re in search of a delicious Christmas dinner then try some of the delicious Christmas food at Le Fils de Paul.

Our hotel in Arlon is just a stone throw away from all the main attractions and activities that come around at Christmas. Place yourself amid all the action and enjoy with those you love.