Visit the one of a kind Athus et l’Acier Museum during your stay at our 4* hotel near Arlon. Discover what and why this museum is said to be one of a kind. Getting to the museum from our family hotel in Arlon is easy by car and only 15 min away.

Athus et l’Acier Museum is located in Athus in the province of Luxembourg. It showcases a permanent exhibition that is dedicated to the history of iron and steel of the city and the old Athus ironworks factory which was active from 1872 to 1977.

Athus et l’Acier Museum is housed in one of the last remaining buildings of the old Athus ironworks. It is located on a site which bore witness to the most important industrial activity in Belgian Lorraine after World War II.

In 1998, a non-profit organization was created and decided to create this unique museum. The organization was made up of a total of 38 members. 18 of those members were retirees of the former Athus ironworks. The other members were those who wanted to maintain the local history and to leave behind a trace of their past for younger generations. This made this exhibition the only one of its kind where former steelworkers participated in the development of the exhibition.

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They took it upon themselves to collect materials, documents and everything else related to the steel and iron industry during their time. They also acted as guides to groups of school children to give them a first-hand look at their profession and their working conditions. This offered a personal feel to the tour and left one with a better understanding of how things were. There is no better way to hear about history other than from those who lived it.

The exhibition consists of more than 300 tools, objects, documents, mannequins, illustrations, and photographs to give you an idea of the entire steel and iron industry during that time. You will have a basic understanding of how iron was treated from extraction to finished product. You can see the chain of events and treatments that the workers imposed on the iron to perfect it.

The Athus et l’Acier retraces the history and working conditions of the men of the steel and iron industry who have contributed to the region’s prosperity. One particular piece that stands out is a fresco that describes the process of making steel in depth. Additionally, a film describing the history of the former Athus factory over the years and how it got converted to the Athus et l’Acier Museum.

Head back to our hotel restaurant near Arlon and reflect on how the times have changed from then to now. This visit will allow you to have a little more appreciation for the hard workers of the iron and steel industry.