If you are a history buff then you must visit the Bastogne War Museum when staying at the hotel in Arlon. The Bastogne War Museum is dedicated to the second world war and places special emphasis on the Ardennes counteroffensive: the Battle of the Bugle. The hotel restaurant Arlon is the best place to be so that you can visit this great war museum.

The Battle of Bulge was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during World War II. The Museum gives you an idea of how the civilians lived during the occupation, during the battle itself, and afterwards. This is done via a 3D guided tour that appeals to all your senses to recreate the atmosphere during the conflict as closely as possible.

The War Museum was opened on 22 March 2014 and is located on the former Bastogne Historical Centre site in a newly constructed building. The building was built in a 5 point American star shape similar to the Mardossan Memorial which is only a few minutes walk from the Bastogne War Museum.

The Mardossan Memorial was inaugurated in 1950 and bears witness to Belgium’s gratitude to the United States soldier. It commemorates the friendship between Belgium and the United States. It also pays tribute to the soldiers who risked or lost their lives on Belgian soil in the Battle of the Bulge.

Bastogne War Museum - Hotel Blog Arlon

This cultural centre offers an immersive multisensory tour so you can relive the past with three ‘scenovisions’, real multisensory 3D scenes. This interactive modern presentation is bound to wow you. You will be guided by 4 characters, civilians, and soldiers who share their stories as the tour progresses.

The four characters that guide you through the tour are:

  • Robert Keane, an American soldier.
  • Hans Wegmüller, a German soldier.
  • Mathilde Devillers, a school teacher in Bastogne.
  • Emile Mostade, a child from Bastogne.

First, you will find yourself in the Allied General Headquarters in southern England in June 1944. Here, the tour retraces the causes of the 1940 to 1945 wars. It also gives you an idea of what life was like in Belgium during the German occupation and details of Hitler’s last operation. The second part places you on the edge of the Ardennes forest for a look at the layout at that time. After that, the tour places you at a true-to-life table in a café where you are surrounded by the locals and bear witness to what life was like at that time.

With a look at how life was back then, you can return to our 4* hotel restaurant in Arlon centre with a whole new sense of appreciation and some insightful knowledge.