The Weyler Cycle Museum is located close to Arlon in Weyler. It was founded by Mr. Tibesar, a very passionate cycler that knows everything about cycling and pedaling. In the Bicycle Museum you find a collection of over 200 pieces that reflects the complete history of cycling. There is much more to the history of cycling then you can imagine when you visit this hidden pearl in Weyler. Enjoy your stay in our hotel in Arlon!

In the Bicycle Museum you will find a 30 minute show of the stages in the evolution of the bicycle up to the present day. There are different exhibitions grouped by the historical themes of the bicycle. You can find the evolution from the bicycle from 1819 until today, the evolution of the racing bicycle, the different type of company bicycles, bicycles with specific systems like universal joints or special derailleurs and children bicycles. The museum also has a collection of tax plates from 1895 to 1991, a collection of board games with the theme of bicycles, mannequins in period clothing and don’t forget about the passionate owner that will guide you around.

The owner and creator of the Bicycle Museum, Philippe Tibesar has a passion for bicycles since he is young. He ride amateur competition since the age of 15 and in a time period of six years he participated in 200 races and achieved success. He just has one regret and that is that he never had a good guide to advise him to better channel and match the efforts that he made. In 1976 he founded the Cyclo-Club de Weyler of which he is the chairman and leader to this day. For almost 4 decades, around 50 fellow cyclists have accompanied him on Sunday rides around the roads of Arlon. Even nowadays he goes on bicycle trips all around the world.

Visits to the Bicycle Museum are organized by appointment. Philippe takes care of the presentation with enthusiasm and competence. From the most modest to the most impressive pieces of his collection, he can tell you all the details about them. He has polished, restored and repaired every piece of his collection himself. Enjoy your stay in our hotel restaurant in Arlon.