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Carnaval in Arlon is being celebrated between 12 and 15 March 2020. There are many activities you can attend to in Arlon during carnaval. You can enjoy a wonderful day during carnaval in our 4* hotel in Arlon. There will be a procession, costumes, concerts and a fancy dress ball. This year it is the 42nd edition of the Arlon Carnival. Thousands of visitors from everywhere visit Arlon during this celebration. Be prepared for a colorful edition.

In 1978 Arlon decided to launch carnival again. They formed a group of young people with one goal, to make it a great celebration. It all starts with the traditional handing of the city keys to the carnival prince and a colorful parade with various groups of folk dancers. The carnival prince is assisted by two carnival princesses. Arlon has a many carnival groups that make it a good party to attend. Carnival in Arlon has two reasons to celebrate, first of all the religious one, but it is also the end of winter for the whole province.

Carnaval 2020 in Arlon

On Thursday 12th of March there is the official launch of the festivities with the legendary dress of the Deer in the company of the Princely Court.

On Friday 13th of March there is an evening in disguise at the Plaine des Maneuvers, with the most beautiful costumes.

On Saturday 14th of March there are many festivities, also for children. During the day there is Children’s procession, departure from Place Léopold, Children’s ball at the Plaine des Maneuvers. Free entry for everyone. In the afternoon there is the introduction of the future Prince Carnival and his Court, at Place Léopold. In the evening you can go to the great Carnival ball at the Plaine des Maneuvers or decide to bring a visit to the Concert of Swiss music at Place Didier.

On Sunday 15th of March during the last day in the morning there will be an animation of downtown streets by Gilles “Les Fidèles Arlonais”. In the afternoon there is musical entertainment under the marquee and the famous 42nd Grande Cavalcade, with around fifty groups and colorful floats. Confetti, music, surprises, crazy atmosphere, everything will be there. The entrance fee is € 5 & free for children under 12.

After all of these festivities you can get a good night of rest at our hotel restaurant in Arlon!