Arlon has two historical Roman towers to offer to their visitors. During your stay in our 4* hotel in Arlon it is definitely worth a visit. The two towers were part of the fortification of the construction of the ramparts during Roman times in the 3rd century of Arlon. The one is called Neptune and the other one Jupiter.

Arlon is among the oldest cities in Belgium. It is located at the intersection of two big Roman Roads, the road from Metz to Tongeren and the road from Reims to Trier. Because Arlon was based at this position at crossroads it had a good economic development and it grew prosperous during the first three centuries of our era. There is a lot of archaeological evidence that gives an insight into this time period.

The settlement was stretched over a large zone on both sides of the river Semois and the southern slope of the hill. At the end of the Roman Empire, the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century, Gaul was invaded by German tribes. The Romans responded by a vast building campaign of fortifications around the main settlements. In Arlon the Romans decided to keep the fortification at the hilltop and not in the Semois valley. The material of the walls was found in destroyed cemeteries and civil monuments that were destroyed. The big sandstone blocks that they found were used in the foundations of the wall. This is the reason that so many sculpted fragments of funerary and civil monuments have survived until nowadays. The most Gallo Roman stones were found during building works in cellars of during the construction of new buildings in the close surroundings of the old Roman wall.

Roman Tower in Arlon

The Neptune Tower was part of a fort that was 800 meters with walls that were 4 meters thick and 8 meters high. It had two gateways and around twenty watch towers. The Neptune tower is identical to the Jupiter Tower that only got discovered recently close to the Town Hall. It is a small museum with remains of the tower that were discovered during the archaeological excavations in 1948. In the foundations of the wall you can see various sculpted stones from the ancient “vicus” including a superb bas-relief representing Neptune. If you want to visit the Neptune Tower, you can get a key from Maison Knopes, 24 Grand Place. The entrance fee is 50 cents.

After visiting the two Roman towers you can relax with a nice lunch at our hotel restaurant in Arlon. After that there is much more to discover in and around Arlon!